LED Bio-Light

Since 1990, LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices have been applied in medical treatment for various dermatological symptoms like acne, psoriasis. Later on, LED light has been used to fasten the healing of wound and boost the growth of collagen. Now it is popular to be used in anti-aging and skin-care therapy, in addition to the treatment of various skin conditions.
Liverage LED Bio-light devices has TWFDA clearance, which can be used by dermatologists and aestheticians because of its efficacy for skin recovery and healing.
Liverage Bio-Light series provides LED phototherapy by combining various clinically proven wavelengths of light with ideal energy levels. The mechanism of how the therapy goes is as follows:

  • Photon of specific wavelengths are absorbed by cell components, particularly the mitochondria, which triggers waves of biochemical reactions
  • Visible red or blue or yellow light is absorbed by the skin and dermis
  • Secondary reactions including the increased production of collagen, ATP and elastin
  • New collagen formed within the dermis, which rejuvenates the fibroblast and resulting in more radiant and smoother skin
  • Red light has deeper penetration and can enhance the synthesis of pro-collagen, the expression of collagen and release of fibroblast growth factor. Hence it is ideal to fasten the healing of wound.
  • Yellow light can activate cell progression, stimulate fibroblast cells, stimulating new collagen hyperplasia and elastin production, resulting in more plumper, firmer looking skin.
  • Blue light is effective in treatment of acne and inhibition of sebum secretion resulting in more radiant, smoother looking skin.
The healing Effect of Various Wavelength of Light


The blue light(415nm) has been proved effective for the treatment of psoriasis caused by Propionibacterium Acnes, and inhibition of sebum secretion.[Medical literature:Br J Dermatol., 142.973, 2000]


The yellow ight(590 nm) has been proved effective to activate skin fibroblasts  and promote collagen hyperplasia. It can activate cells, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, dilute fine lines.[Medical literature: Dermatol Surg. 31.1199 2005]


The red light (660 nm) is proved to be effective for anti-tissue inflammation and activation of injured skin cells. It can activate the aging cells to and rejuvenate skin look.[Medical literature::Laser Surg. Med., 9.497,1989]

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